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 FAERIC[don't MESS with him]

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You want the truth? You want the truth?! Well, I can't handle the truth!

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PostSubject: FAERIC[don't MESS with him]   FAERIC[don't MESS with him] Icon_minitimeSun Oct 14, 2007 8:52 am

Name Faeric Daarkenvough
Age 16
Birthdate 10/30/90
Gender Male
Grade Sophomore
Clique Emo
Sexuality Females only.
Family The Daarkenvough family split up when Faeric was seven, and he lived with his father, while his siblings moved elsewhere. Soon his father became an alcoholic, when his mother re-married, and thus he was taken away, and put in some foster families.
Looks Faeric is tall, dark, handsome, and he knows it. However, he doesn't do the whole dating scene. He's more interested in blood, and gore. Thus he cuts, sadly. He has scars on his slender, pale arms. His hair is dyed white, and he has icy blue eyes.
Clothing Style Faeric usually wears a black leather coat, a black shirt, and baggy black pants, with studs and chains on them. He can occasionally be seen in a studded collar, and other clothes.
Persona He's quite bipolar, sometimes ranging from a gentleman, to a jerk. He smokes, and he was mistreated by his father. He hasn't seen his siblings since his parents divorced.
Generally, he's kind, and a gentleman. But when he becomes violent, and rude, he usually gets detention. Although he's rude and sarcastic almost always, people can tell when he's nice, or when he's actually dangerous.
He's quite artistic, though he hides it, embarrassed of his skills. That's how he got to the school, but he also keeps that a secret, because if anyone knew, he would be mocked, or that's what he believes.
Likes Blood, gore, violence, girls (Although he won't admit it), skeletons, the human body's anatomy and functions, and getting in to fights.
Dislikes Being punished, back-stabbers, those who do not understand him, jerks, people who are overly nice, girls (Didn't I say he was bipolar?), being bipolar, detention, and attention.
History His parents divorced when he was seven, and he lived with his father. His father became an alcoholic when Faeric was eight, and they moved him to a different area, while he went from foster family to foster family.
He started cutting at the age of thirteen, both out of missing his father, and of his interest in blood, and human anatomy. Soon he found the perfect clique - The emos. And thus Faeric found his place in society.
His past is foggy, because he does not like telling others about himself.

((By the way - Don't kill me for his awfulness.
I'm putting all my suppressed anger and crud into one character.
This will probably make you all hate me for his awful personality, and past.))
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FAERIC[don't MESS with him]
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